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Joy Merchants, founded in 2015, offers multi-day outdoor retreats, in order to create strong personal relationships via curated individual exercises and group conversations, both trailside and fireside. We unplug from the office and back into nature to enhance the physical and emotional wellbeing of the participants. And we facilitate self examination in order to ask where we are and where we are going. 


"I learned that happiness and a positive attitude towards work/life is dependent on me and is within me to bring about.  I can breakdown problems into smaller bits to look for a solution rather than treating it like a mountain to be climbed.  Also learning to switch yourself off when you need to – finding a bit of me time for my wellbeing by doing some basic breathing and stretching exercises."

"One of the most important things I have taken away from the trip is my bond with 15 colleagues, only one of whom I had known before. I can truly say that we are now 15 friends from around the globe plus Timmy, Sarah and especially, Lonnie. We became a team with so much openness and trust."

"As someone who is not very good in groups and is somewhat of a control freak, I found being out of my comfort zone isn’t such a scary thing after all.  I now think that being “off the grid” for a couple of days is something everyone should try.  I think I can speak for those that took part when I say that I am an absolute Ambassador for the walk and tell everyone I speak to about how great it was, encouraging them to apply for next year’s walk.  It’s amazing that the company made this possible."


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